A Little Glitch I Forgot to Mention



Ten days before I was to graduate, I came to Mr. Waite’s room who taught me Geometry  and told him my sob story. He knew I had barely attended his class and that I had no way of passing the final within the 10 days I was to graduate. In fact, I was never even nice to him. Therefore, I was surprised he would even listen to my sob story.

I had basically fulfilled all my commitments to graduate from high school as I had stated but I was struggling and or failing my first period class of Geometry taught by Mr. Waite. Without a pass from him, I would not graduate. Since I have my teaching license now I now can understand the position in which put Mr. Waite. At the time, all I knew was to cry.

When I did hand in homework, I always copied it from some popular , mullet wearing jock named Chris Bowen. He never spoke much. I could not ever get a good read on him. In retrospect, I realize he just did not want to interrupt class by talking to me but I could not understand that then.

But he was a nice enough guy. I had no idea how funny or popular he was until later, but I still was really fond of the silent types: of which he was one to me. Knowing Chris now, I realize he has a brilliant mind and plenty to say but he also shy and most likely had a hard time reading me as well.

Now in sobbing in front of Mr. Waite I was not passing but had a very high F grade.  I never doubted I was intelligent. I just did not care. Apathy was always my enemy and at times I still battle with it now.

Mr. Waite proposed that I show up the last week every day on time and try to turn in some past due homework and he would allow me to pass.

But it wasn’t that easy. I had to show on paper I knew my how solve Geometry questions of which I did not. So… the week passed and I had the audacity to  actually missed a class on Thursday; the day before the final because I went out to a rock club that night. Yet still… when I arrived on Friday the last day, a little surprise was handed to Chris and I and we were told to walk to the library.

I should mention, Chris and I were the only seniors in that class and we were getting out of school earlier than the other students so we were told to take out final to the library for completion.

We checked into the library and sat next to each other in desks that separated what we could see. Immediately, Chris remarked that there were three scantron sheets and two tests. Due to the fact that  Chris had actually done all the homework he began to realize that on the third answer sheet where all the answers were penciled in that the answers were actually correct. Mr. Waite had given us all the answers!

I penciled through that test as fast as I could. I don’t think Chris understood why we were be given all the answers at the time since I had not discussed with him my prior conversation with Mr. Waite but he was happy enough.

In the end I was given a D- grade. But I passed. And without a lot of “help” from  Mr. Waite and from Chris Bowen I would have flunked out of high school. Cheers to two people who had no reason to help me at all!





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