Sky Miles


I think I have a problem. I thought I overcame it but I started to do it again.

I move. I move a lot. I have moved a lot. I have moved more than anyone could ever believe.

Here is my List:

1972-1977 Keats Ave, Thousand Oaks

1977-1977 Sidney Ave, Thousand Oaks

1977-1990- Shadow Lake Drive, Thousand Oaks

Summer of 1990  Wildwood area

1990-1995 Santa Barbara (great times)

(three or four moves in SB)

(1993in between small moves to San Jose, Berkely and Westlake)

1995-2002 Portland, Oregon

(in between moved 4 homes)

2002- 2002 – Ventura, CA

2002-2003-San Pedro

2003-2004 Redondo Beach

(small move to Seaside, CA)

2004-2004 Aptos, Ca

2004-2004 Atherton, Ca- Stayed one month and then I moved within 24 hours after my 48 year old Turkish boyfriend said I needed to iron his shirts and “watch” the cookies.

2004-2005 Lake Oswego, Oregon

2005-2007 NW Portland with Steve

2007-2010 SW Portland with Steve

2010- 2011 Washington DC

2011-2011 Ghana, Africa

2011-2011 Omaha, NE

2011-2012 Cody WY

2012-2016 Billings Montana

Therefore when we were offered a job in Germany, I didn’t want move. But the lure of moving to Europe engulfed all my rational thinking.

But we waited snd waited and were even given plane tickets. They took our stuff, we surrendered a car, bought European phones, sent our most prescious values to the APO address they have us. And after 70 days post contract signed, they eliminated the job. We were screwed.

2016-In three days we move to Missoula, MT. We got a lease to own. 4 acres, 3200 sq ft overlooking a beautiful valley.

Final thought: I am tired of moving. That is all.moving




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