The New New Normal

tif deb catlin

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There is an eerie phrase surfacing among the herds: The New Normal. I do not know about you but I do not want the advertisers, the media or the government to decide what “The New Normal,” looks like. And there is no way to avoid that from happening if we do not decide what we want NOW!

In Julio Vincent Gambunto’s ominous article, “Prepare for the Ultimate Gaslighting,” he warns that The New Normal will be decided for us.  He brilliantly describes how the powers that be will try to control us. To combat the marketing, propaganda, and sensationalism, one must first know what they do not want.

I know longer want to be told how to look, how to eat, how to act in public and to hide who I am. I have witnessed a world that is extremely different behind closed doors than what the world is on social media. I want nothing to do with it anymore. Furthermore, two-party systems, fighting amongst each other over unreliable resources and pushing hate as an agenda has no place in what we can create! We must push forward and destigmatize all the stereotypes about people, illnesses, drug addiction, social class and total vanity that has been pushed upon us for decades.

Are you aware that we have always had a need to social distance in this country?  The average American prefers 18 inches between each other. If a person climbs on an empty bus, like clockwork, the seats will fill with people sitting far apart until the choice to sit next to each other is the last option.

Now, we have social distancing and it is not going away anytime soon. Six feet apart? Ok. But, in that space, may I tell you who I am? Or do I need to continue to hide? Shame and judgment are manufactured by marketing firms with roots in the days of Puritans and at the same time, we are pushed to be DIFFERENT. I have learned that the loneliest feeling in the world is to be different, therefore, in our new society, finding similarities between each other is the key to having a fulfilling life.

Think about it. Instead of being pushed to buy something new to fill that void, we could actually make a friend or meet our neighbors or be kind. (Mind blown!) We do not need to be medicated and obligated to line up like sheep prior to Gambuto’s idea of the “Great Pause.” Like the famous comedian Bill Hick’s used to say about the corporations and the government “You are free to do what we tell you to do. You are free to think what we tell you to think.” Well, that is not going to fly anymore.

Decisions need to make. Because if we do not make decisions for ourselves, they will indeed be made for us. I am deciding to continue to embrace the “Great Pause.” We did not even know how uncomfortable we were in our own skins until we were left with only ourselves: no shopping, no people, no restaurants, no more turning outward to seek what we already have inside. We can choose love, courage and the ability to be the change we want to be in the world (Gandhi).

Pay attention… because this is the first time in history that the whole world is truly watching what happens next and as a whole, we are helping each other. Take stock of your values. Do not end up in the daily grind. This is our chance to shine. As the greatest music band of all time proclaimed,  Let it be. Let it be. Let it be. Whisper words of wisdom, let it be (Beatles).


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