The Days of No Return


After my father died, I went a little crazy. Actually, a lot crazy. If anyone has lost a parent especially the parent that raised you, then you will know the great pain and strange grief that unfolds after the parent’s death.

First of all, I was starting to get suicide ideation back. I could not stop picturing myself with a gun in my mouth blowing off my head. That started 4 months after he died. I finally went to an urgent care where I was introduced to antidepressants via sample packs. I did not understand at the time I needed to take the same amount every day so I would take 10mg one day, 100 mg the next and then maybe 25mg the following days. Nothing in my life was in order.

My first husband and I bought a house with some of my inheritance money. It was a small house that was perfect for he and I and our six cats. It was our little home and he worked hard to make it nice.

My first husband was not aware that I had started drinking up 15 drinks a day. I had been since I took care of my dad in hospice at my home. My ability to care about anything was completely lost. Therefore, when I was mixing my Zoloft with 15 drinks of alcohol a day and smoking pot, my decision-making was based on anything that would keep me numb.

The summer of 2000, my ex husband and I had gone to Italy for a wedding. When I returned from Italy…it was on!  Dinner parties at my house  became common. Drinks and laughter and mania continued and I really thought I was happy.

But this is when my hands began to shake. I had gone to enough AA meetings with my father to know that this was not good. But I could not stop. Alcohol was taking over my life. Eventually, after taking mushrooms and talking to some close friends, I came home and asked for a divorce. He was stunned. I was cookoo.

Immediately, after he left I called the guy I had been in love with over the course of my entire time spent with my ex husband. The guy had a girlfriend but for some reason I decided that he was my property and I had dibs. Not two days after we went out did he declare that he loved me. I wasn’t ready for a new relationship but who cares, right?

This guy could always read right through me and I had never had anyone so smitten over me at the time. Although, it is important to mention that this guy was an excessive alcoholic who could be compared to Nicolas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas. But I had crossed a line that many other alcoholic people cross. The point of no return.

We stayed together for one year and half and he was extremely abusive. But I was not innocent either. Plus, he continued to see his ex girlfriend behind my back. And I unbelievably thought I was being wronged by her when I was the one who stole her boyfriend in the first place!

There were times the police came because we fought so loud. And TV’s were thrown out onto the lawn. My little house became a breeding ground of wild abandon with pot smoking, drinking, cigarettes and total delirium.

I was about to leave him when he came home one night to say he had cancer. I was far too loyal to leave anybody in that position so I waited.

Things got worse. I crashed my car, I maxed out all my credit cards and decided I did not need to pay my taxes. The promises of payments to some creditors for my ex husband and I became greater debts unbeknownst to him. And I lived in awful fear of doom and gloom where the mailbox was not my friend and I could no longer answer my phone. They turned off cable, the trash stopped and I could no longer make long distance calls. I could not see how far of a hole I was digging but the bottom was still far away.

In the end, I made a decision to move back to California where there was no greeting party waiting for me. I had lost my friends and I was not prepared for the trouble that awaited me.

Still…it went on until one day.




Sky Miles


I think I have a problem. I thought I overcame it but I started to do it again.

I move. I move a lot. I have moved a lot. I have moved more than anyone could ever believe.

Here is my List:

1972-1977 Keats Ave, Thousand Oaks

1977-1977 Sidney Ave, Thousand Oaks

1977-1990- Shadow Lake Drive, Thousand Oaks

Summer of 1990  Wildwood area

1990-1995 Santa Barbara (great times)

(three or four moves in SB)

(1993in between small moves to San Jose, Berkely and Westlake)

1995-2002 Portland, Oregon

(in between moved 4 homes)

2002- 2002 – Ventura, CA

2002-2003-San Pedro

2003-2004 Redondo Beach

(small move to Seaside, CA)

2004-2004 Aptos, Ca

2004-2004 Atherton, Ca- Stayed one month and then I moved within 24 hours after my 48 year old Turkish boyfriend said I needed to iron his shirts and “watch” the cookies.

2004-2005 Lake Oswego, Oregon

2005-2007 NW Portland with Steve

2007-2010 SW Portland with Steve

2010- 2011 Washington DC

2011-2011 Ghana, Africa

2011-2011 Omaha, NE

2011-2012 Cody WY

2012-2016 Billings Montana

Therefore when we were offered a job in Germany, I didn’t want move. But the lure of moving to Europe engulfed all my rational thinking.

But we waited snd waited and were even given plane tickets. They took our stuff, we surrendered a car, bought European phones, sent our most prescious values to the APO address they have us. And after 70 days post contract signed, they eliminated the job. We were screwed.

2016-In three days we move to Missoula, MT. We got a lease to own. 4 acres, 3200 sq ft overlooking a beautiful valley.

Final thought: I am tired of moving. That is all.moving